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Advocates For Equity In Schools. 250 likes · 2 talking about this. Advocates For Equity In Schools is a grassroots organization that seeks to encourage,

Oregon’s largest school district, located in the whitest major city in America, prides itself on ingraining equity into its efforts. Portland Public Schools has spent millions on racial sensitivity training. The district has struggled for years to.

The Coalition for Community Schools is an alliance of national, state and local organizations in education K-16, youth development, community.

Adeyemi Stembridge had no problem fitting in with the first-graders who gathered to start their afternoon lesson in a classroom at Highline Elementary School on March 10.

Last month, the University of Arkansas released a report titled “The Productivity of Public Charter Schools.” The report is a follow-up to the university’s April 2014 national charter school revenue study, “Charter School Funding: Inequity.

As the debate over equitable funding for charter schools continued on Wednesday in the legislature, political lines became unclear, as Democrats picked up the torch for local control. The Senate Education Committee advanced a.

Although the collection of data on school funding is still an inexact science, there is plenty of evidence that gross disparities exist in per-pupil spending.

DAVENPORT — A Davenport attorney who is the daughter of a former school board president filed a lawsuit on Monday, taking up the fight to equalize Iowa’s school-funding formula. Catherine Z. Cartee, of Cartee & McKenrick, P.C.,

June 2012. OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. 3 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. Gender Equity in Education. High School Math Courses. Advanced Placement (AP) Access and Success

But we decided to do some research on principals who are making equity a priority in their schools. In addition, we have written a book chapter titled.

Equity in Education: The Relationship Between Race, Class, and Gender in Mathematics for Diverse Learners

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit leadership development organization working to end the injustice of educational inequity by.

One major equity issue in schools is the most obvious – financial differences. An American educator stated once that the largest factor that most likely foresees SAT scores is.

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From an urban public school parent’s viewpoint, choice can result in preferential treatment for some students, inequity for others. When I registered my first child.

CHILLICOTHE – During a teacher in-service day last week, educators in the Chillicothe City Schools got a chance to experience firsthand some of the factors that cause students to become disruptive in the classroom. Teachers.

EASTON — The Talbot County Board of Education rolled out a new policy proposal on educational equity, approved a revised student dress code and service animal policy, and updated three administrative regulations during its.

Coalition for Gender Equity in Schools. The Coalition for Gender Equity in Schools (CGES) collaborates with youth, educators, parents, activists and policy makers to.

How would you like to be told by government officials that your child isn’t as important as your neighbor’s child? That’s the message that some Colorado parents are receiving from school districts that discriminate in how they allocate.

Advocates For Equity In Schools. 250 likes · 1 talking about this. Advocates For Equity In Schools is a grassroots organization that seeks to encourage,

The Equity Initiatives Unit: Full Video Program. This video highlights the work of the MCPS Equity Initiatives Unit which provides school leaders, teachers and staff a variety of supports to build cultural proficiency through the study of equity.

Following the refusal of the federal government to commit to the Gonski Review and the recent announcement in Victoria of further cuts to already disadvantaged.

Community members Tuesday night laid out their fears and hopes around equity in the Boulder Valley School District, saying proposed budget cuts are raising concerns that it’s fading as a district priority. A group of about 25 community.

Description: Advocates For Equity In Schools is a special education advocacy team whose mission is to ensure equity and access for all families to quality special.

Welcome to the Office of Equity and Partnerships. Our office leads the District’s work in the areas of equity policy & practice, equity professional development, school climate & discipline, and business & educational partnerships. Portland Public Schools is committed to academic excellence and personal success for all students.

STOCKHOLM, Dec 10 (Reuters) – When one of the biggest private education firms in Sweden went bankrupt earlier this year, it left 11,000 students in the lurch and made Stockholm rethink its pioneering market reform of the state schools.

In the past several weeks, many people most likely have been hearing information regarding Rochester Public Schools with respect to race, equity and the Office for Civil Rights agreement. Rochester Public Schools has.

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Across the United States, students have returned to schools that are engineered to be inequitable and segregated. They are designed to protect the privileges of some at the expense of others. They have been that way for a very long.

Gender Equity Matters! Read More There’s a lot to be encouraged about when we look at the current state of. gender equity in schools is in how curriculum is

CEDAR RAPIDS – The Cedar Rapids Community School District is partnering with Diversity Focus and three other school districts in the region on an initiative to improve equity. There will be short-term and long-term goals, but the first item.

Race, Equity, and Leadership in Schools, a program of The Principals’ Center, offers an historical and cultural context for understanding how inequality plays out in schools and provides educators with the skills and confidence.

With one day remaining in the Colorado legislative session, there’s a chance for state lawmakers to finally equalize funding for charter schools. Long has it been a desire for advocates of charter schools and school choice that the.

Youth Organizer Abol Mashut speaks at a press conference at City Hall Plaza on Wednesday about a Freedom of Information Act request filed against the Manchester School District. (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER) The Rev. Eric.

Lots of schools these days have “equity and diversity” committees My guess is that no-one wonders much what diversity is in “equity and diversity” because we all have a pretty good sense of what it is – acceptance, toleration, and perhaps celebration of the various ethnic, racial, national, gender and sexual orientations in our midst.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Fayette County Public School officials are moving forward with a plan to reduce the gap in classroom achievement. The Equity Council — the group tasked with monitoring and analyzing equity issues for the.